Important Information

Due to the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic we have ceased holding group swimming and socialising sessions. We will not be meeting to swim together until the threat to the community’s health from the virus has ceased to be a problem.

In the spirit of social isolation currently being requested by the Federal Government as the Club Coach I have decided not to put forward any additional swimming programmes.

If you are still keen to train and you have access to some suitable water and believe that you can conform to the required social distancing requirements there are some swim programmes available on our Training Programmes page that may provide an interesting twist to your swim.

I would encourage you all to stay abreast of the developing Covid-19 situation and try to maintain the recommendations being put forward by the Health Departments and the Australian government.

Kim Christie Vice President and Club Coach

If you live near Atherton, are over eighteen and enjoy swimming then Atherton Mountaineers Masters Swimming is for you.

We run two swimming squads each week in the Atherton Centenary Pool at 18 Robert Street, Atherton.  See our Squad page for details on these sessions.