Training Programmes

Pool Training Sessions

So……  you were too tiredbusystressedunmotivatedotherwiseoccupied to get to squad.  Don’t despair – there are plenty of training programmes below to keep you up to date between sessions.

Happy New Year

Just the thing to start the New Year, or  a New Month, or a New Week.  Or maybe just to recover from a Big Night Out.  Happy New Year !!

The Abyss

Facing the Great Unknown ??  Take the plunge, and add a little water.

The Abyss With Twist

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – a nice little twist on an old favourite.

The Descender

Don’t despair if it all feels too easy at the start – this one gets just a little quicker as you go along.

The Libbynator

When you need to have a chat with a mate.