Training Programmes

Important Information

Due to the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic we have ceased holding group swimming and socialising sessions. We will not be meeting to swim together until the threat to the community’s health from the virus has ceased to be a problem.

In the spirit of social isolation currently being requested by the Federal Government as the Club Coach I have decided not to put forward any additional swimming programmes.

If you are still keen to train and you have access to some suitable water and believe that you can conform to the required social distancing requirements some of the following swim programmes may provide an interesting twist to your swim.

I would encourage you all to stay abreast of the developing Covid-19 situation and try to maintain the recommendations being put forward by the Health Departments and the Australian government.


Kim Christie                                                                                                                                                                  Vice President and Club Coach

The Corona Files

The following land based training sessions are being supplied to give you access to some strength training around your home while we wait for the dangers associated with the Coivd-19 Pandemic to pass.

Feel free to carry out these routines with people from your own household but please adhere to the current restrictions on gatherings being requested by our governments.

If at any stage an exercise feels too uncomfortable or acutely hurts a joint or muscle please stop doing it and move onto something else.

Shoulder Maintenance Routine

This is a great little programme that will help strengthen your shoulders and possibly work away some of those niggles that have been bothering you for a while.

Pool Training Sessions

So……  you were too tiredbusystressedunmotivatedotherwiseoccupied to get to squad.  Don’t despair – there are plenty of training programmes below to keep you up to date between sessions.

Happy New Year

Just the thing to start the New Year, or  a New Month, or a New Week.  Or maybe just to recover from a Big Night Out.  Happy New Year !!

The Abyss

Facing the Great Unknown ??  Take the plunge, and add a little water.

The Abyss With Twist

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – a nice little twist on an old favourite.

The Descender

Don’t despair if it all feels too easy at the start – this one gets just a little quicker as you go along.

The Libbynator

When you need to have a chat with a mate.