Important Information

Due to the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic we have ceased holding group swimming and socialising sessions. We will not be meeting to swim together until the threat to the community’s health from the virus has ceased to be a problem.

In the spirit of social isolation currently being requested by the Federal Government as the Club Coach I have decided not to put forward any additional swimming programmes.

If you are still keen to train and you have access to some suitable water and believe that you can conform to the required social distancing requirements there are some swim programmes available on our Training Programmes page that may provide an interesting twist to your swim.

I would encourage you all to stay abreast of the developing Covid-19 situation and try to maintain the recommendations being put forward by the Health Departments and the Australian government.

Kim Christie                                                                                                                                                          Vice President and Club Coach

Atherton Mountaineers runs two swimming squads each week.  All squads are overseen by a Masters Swimming Club Coach.  The fee for sessions is pool entry (payable to Swim Logic at the kiosk front desk) and an additional $2.00 for the club (payable directly to the coach).  Non-members are welcome to come and try for a few sessions before they join Masters Swimming Australia.

Monday 5.30pm – 6.30pm – Stroke Correction

This one hour sessions focuses on refining your swimming stroke while providing some fitness.  Gain feedback on your technique and get those tips that will make you a stronger and more stylish swimmer.  Or just use the session to have a more relaxed time in the water with a few mates.

The session is conducted in the shallow end of the outdoor pool, with most drills occurring over 25 metres.  It’s a great way to start if you aren’t confident in the water, are returning to training after a break or want to gain that improvement in your swim times.

Wednesday 6.30am – 7.30am – Distance Squad

Come and swim some distance with the Masters Squad.  This session focuses on improving your fitness and following a training programme under the guidance of our coach.  It caters for both intermediate and advanced swimmers, with plenty of scope to vary the programme to suit your needs.

Bring your breakfast and join us for a coffee and chat afterwards.  While the squad is focussed more on getting you swimming laps there is still plenty of time for socialising.

Gear to Bring

Please bring the following with you clothing suitable for swimming laps, goggles, towel, and swim toys (flippers, pull buoys, and kick boards) if you have them.   If you don’t have any swim toys don’t worry too much the club has a reasonable supply available to borrow while you get started.

Please complete Atherton Mountaineers Intake Form and give it to the Club Coach on your first visit.  This form helps the Club Coach understand what your goals are and makes them aware of any issues that may need to be catered for within a session. Get your form here.

It also helps to bring a good sense of humour.

If you have any further questions about these sessions please email the Club Coach at coach@athertonmountaineers.com