Following the challenges of Covid-19 our club has moved to a more informal training style.  We now have a swimming programme put on the Club’s whiteboard each week that members are encouraged to follow.  There is currently a group who meet on  Tuesday mornings between 7:30am and 8:30am to swim the weekly programme.  The Club Coach can usually be found in the water at these sessions.  This is a particularly social group who usually finish their morning sitting having coffee and/or breakfast before heading off to their daily routine.

Non-members are welcome to come and try for a few sessions before they join Masters Swimming Australia.

Gear to Bring

Please bring the following with you clothing suitable for swimming laps, goggles, towel, and swim toys (flippers, pull buoys, and kick boards) if you have them.   If you don’t have any swim toys don’t worry too much the club has a reasonable supply available to borrow while you get started.

Please complete Atherton Mountaineers Intake Form and give it to the Club Coach on your first visit.  This form helps the Club Coach understand what your goals are and makes them aware of any issues that may need to be catered for within a session. Get your form here.

It also helps to bring a good sense of humour.

If you have any further questions about these sessions please email the Club Coach at coach@athertonmountaineers.com